Leather/Vinyl/Plastic Repair

We can repair scratches, holes, cracks on your leather/vinyl or plastic pieces inside your car. We repair these damages and color match to the original color. Some damages are simply too little to be spending for a whole new replacement, we can repair such things to make these parts look new again. 


  • Just color matching - starts @ $95

  • Repair + color matching - starts @ $125/ per piece/panel

    • ​​Steering wheel

    • dash

    • seat panel

    • door panel

    • center console

    • arm rests


This is the roof lining inside your car that is covered in cloth/nylon material.

If your headliner is starting to fall apart or has been damaged in some way, we can recover it to its original form or can customize to your preference. 


*sunroof, sun visor and nylon/custom material will have additional cost


Remove, recover, and re-install prices:

  • 2 Door vehicle - starts @ $350

  • 4 Door - starts @ $450

  • SUV - starts @ $650

  • Reg cab truck - starts @ $250

  • Crew cab truck - starts @ $450




We can remove and install a new carpet into your car to make it look and smell new. After market and factory carpets are available for different makes and models, make sure to check with us to see if one is available for your vehicle. 


Remove and install new after market:

  • 2 Door vehicle - starts @ $450

  • 4 Door - starts @ $500

  • SUV - starts @ $650

  • Trucks - starts @ $400



Seat Inserts

Your seat cover is typically made with different panels that are sewed together. The wear and tear is generally concentrated on a certain panel. If your cover has a damage, or just looking worn on a certain area, you can get it repaired without having to spend a whole lot to make an entire cover. 


  • American cloth - starting @ $195 

  • Vinyl - starting @ $225

  • American leather - starting @ $250

  • European leather - starting @ $275

  • Perforated leather - starting @ $275


Make entire new seat cover


  • American full leather cover - starting @ $450 

  • American leather with perforated inserts - starting @ $650

  • European full leather cover - starting @ $750


Leather kits

If you are getting tired of your old upholstery and would like to get a fresh one for the entire car, we can install new leather kits. We have vendors that make leather kits for different makes and models. You can also pick a new color scheme or put a little bit of customization to fit your personality. This type of upgrade is not as expensive as it seems, call us and see how much it would cost for your vehicle! 




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